Teeth extraction

Not a productive day at all today. I feel guilty that I was not productive. I have a reason for this. Though  I do not think it is good enough.

I had two of my teeth removed today. As a result I did not go to the office. I needed to keep going to bathroom. In my office block, the gents are further away from my office.

I am in little pain. This is not helping me to get down to work. I also really missed cycling. The notes that the dentist gave me made it very clear - no cycling for 24 hours,

The damn bleeding  and the pain has not stopped.

Plus I did let Any Answers (AA) really get to me. Normally AA really helps with my work. Today I let it be a massive distraction.

I think I may take a break from Any Answers for few days unless a really pressing question comes up that I need feedback on. I do not  to want AA to take me away from client work. Yes a break would be good for me and I think for others who have had enough of me!

I like blogging since it helps me relax and get things off my mind. I think I will carry on with this

I am so pleased that I got my much needed lost income back. A true mircale! This has given such a boost. Worry about finances was really getting to me.

You know I hate typing I need to get that Dragon thingy.








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You know I hate typing I need to get that Dragon thingy.    1 thanks

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Just go for it.

I have been using it since 1996 and it just gets better and better. The latest version, 11.5, is amazingly accurate - about 95% for me.

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Thanks for sharing    1 thanks

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It was so nice to learn about your toilet habits :) 

But seriously I detest the dentist so hope the pain & mental anguish subsides. You're braver than me, my dentist suggested a wisdom tooth out as it's falling apart but I said I'd wait till it fell out of its own accord!

Dragon never worked for me - even when I swore at it......

teeth extraction

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Not allowed to exercise - that would not make me smile at all!  crest

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