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They'll have to carry me out of here !

I am still in a state of shock that a court haded down a common sense ruling that seems at first observation to overturn the law on retirement age. It is not so much that the court ruled as it did - after all British justice is pot luck , depending on what His Honour had for breakfast. It is more the fact the we appear to be supporting SMEs who are the backbone of our economy.

I employ people of all ages and have a number of over 60s . You can't beat 'em for work ethic but they can be resistant to change and prone to error as they slow down mentally. Not a criticism but a fact of life. I was faced with putting them on notice prior to the deadline on the new retirement age rules , but my gut instinct told me to stand back. 

I think the answer may have been to simply increase the age but have kept the compulsory element . The rules on pensions and retirement were made an awfully long time ago. It would have kept the dignity of the worker and allowed SMEs to plan for succession. But now everybody remains a bit confused - how binding is the court judgment ? I suspect a few more cases will come before the courts over time

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