Webinar success , relief and sledges

Well, the webinar was delivered yesterday . It wasn't so much nerves about "public" speaking - I am no stranger to that , it was more about not being able to guage reaction from their faces. The other worries were technical and whether people would simply leave the room so to speak once they had registered simply to get cpd. In the end 1 person only left and 1 bloke entered 5 minutes from the end.

So now that's out of the way it's time to get the next one planned. I can sense a working holiday coming up.

Anyway , it is now snowing in a few places including Manchester , so hopefully the surplus sledges will start moving off the shelf. Snow ? Sledges? what has that got to do with accountancy ? Nothing really, except that my other business sells the them and we have loads left over from last year. Go , on be adventurous , treat yourself. 

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