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Forgive me, Readers, for I have sinned. It has been 154 days since my last confession (02/07) on my weight loss journey. Today I finally got on the wii fit and weighed myself. Oh hell!

I have been avoiding the scales for weeks since judging by the increasing tightness of my trousers I knew I was putting on weight. I just did not want to face up to this and admit to myself that I was losing my way.

I stopped attending Weight Watchers meetings since I did not want to hear “no change” or you have put on….” Furthermore, the change in weather has meant that on average I cycled to work about 3 times a week instead of the full 5 days. This means 16 miles a week less cycling and an increasing food intake results in weight gain.

I love freshly baked white bread- I just went wild with this. Of course this will stop now.

I will resume my weekly blog on weight loss/gain. Though it may not be with much detail, just a record of gain/loss and how far off I am off my target. Let’s see how it goes.

Dreaded results (yikes!):

This week’s result– Put on 10 lbs in 154 days

Total Weight loss to date: 14 lbs (24lbs last count – 10 lbs put on)

This week’s Weight:12 stones and 11 lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

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Calorie counting    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Simple method of losing weight - calorie count. Cut your daily intake to 1,000 calories a day but with the odd day every couple of weeks or so to eat a normal calorie intake (not normal for you but normal as in 2,000 calories or so) to confuse your metabolism into speeding up again. You don't need extra exercise if you don't have time.

I've done this and have lost 3 stone in 6 months. In 4lbs time I'll no longer be overweight!!! And a stone after that I'll be at my permanent long-term weight and off to restock my wardrobe! At the moment I need a belt to keep all my trousers up :)

The good news about your 10lb weight gain is that it should fall off fairly easily. And after 6 months of training yourself to eat less (a thousand calories is not as painful as it sounds) you'll hopefully not put it all back on by overeating.

Why not get yourself an exercise bike - that way you can do your extra miles at home (in front of the tv) and you won't spend the extra time at home eating :)

Best of luck!

App to help    1 thanks

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I know how fond you are of apps so have you tried myfitnesspal? It's free and helps keep track of the calories you're eating. I like it because you can scan packed foods with your phone and it shows the calories included - saves having to search for foods every time.

You can add in exercise for extra calories and keep track of the water and other vitamins you're taking in!

Good luck!


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Hi piper01

Thanks for reading my  blog and recommending the app. It looks good.  I will give it a try. 

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