Week 5 Self Weekly Weigh-in

I am pleased with this week’s gain. I was expecting it to be far far worse. Come on it was Christmas week! Not only this, as I mentioned in one of the earlier blogs:

  • I lost my key chain that had all my keys, house, office bike shed - everything.
  • My bike was stolen since it was locked outside my bike shed. Shockingly it was stolen only a few hours before the locksmith came and replaced the lock to the bike shed.

My cycling mileage as you will see went way down plus no gym. To add to all this there was the delicious Christmas meal. We all ate out. It was unusual and enjoyable be in a restaurant on Christmas day. We will do it again next year.

After all this to end up with a small gain is a good result.

I got a new bike on Friday. It is just not the same. I just could not justify to myself for buying the same type of bike for £500. So I changed the order and went for £270 one.  I wish I had not done this. Cycling with the new bike just does not give me the same pleasure. It is more a chore now. I will still cycle and see how it goes.

I hope I enter 2013 with a loss!


This week’s result– Gained 1 lb

Total Weight loss to date: 16 lbs

This week’s Weight:12 stones and 9 lbs

Cycled to work : 8 miles ( 1 day x 8 miles per day)

Resistance training: 0 times this week

Target Weight: 10 stones

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