Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 11

I am pleased with another surprising loss this week. I also got another sticker on my weight record card. This one says 5% loss. I am not sure what it means. The main thing is I got a reward sticker.

Tax return season has meant that I do over eat and I also eat comfort food. Aside from comfort food other food I tend to eat is low fat and/or Weight Watchers range. Examples of these include: Weight Watchers bread, low sugar baked beans and low fat yogurts.

Over the past two weeks I have not felt like I am on a weight loss regime. I am not hungry since I do not let myself get hungry.

I am missing my WW meetings. I just go for the weigh-in and leave. There is just too much work to do before 31/01 to sit in for the meetings.

Most days the weather has been in my favour so I was able to cycle. I love cycling it relaxes me. It is risky with so many inconsiderate drivers.

I have not been to gym for the whole week. What a waste of Direct Debit of £40 per month.

I am still in my fat clothes. I just cannot face trying my normal clothes at this stage. I will do this when I have reached 1 stone loss.

I pleased with my weight loss. It is slow but at least I am trying and losing the weight. Next week it may be a different result since my staff and I are going out for lunch on 1 Feb (Wed), to celebrate getting 31/01 out of the way.


This week’s result – Loss 1lb (one pound)

Total Weight loss to date: 11.5lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 13.5.lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 2 stones 13.5lbs

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The "%" sign indicates a fraction expressed as x/100ths. So, 5% is the same as 5/100ths, or 1/20th.

So your sticker suggests that you have lost 1/20th of something.

I assume that this means that you have lost 1/20th of your weight since your last weigh-in. Alternatively, perhaps you have lost 1 finger or 1 toe?

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To follow on from BKD you say you've lost 11.5lbs so far and your weight this week is 12 stone 13.5lbs. That means you started on 13 stone 11lbs. 11.5lbs is 5% of your original weight. (Well actually 5.959% but such is life)


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