Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 14

It has been another week where I have not behaved myself when it comes to changing my mind set over food. Thankfully I achieved a small loss again. This is despite my unhealthy eating patterns. I put this loss down to cycling. This is 8 miles a day over 5 days a week. If I missed a single day of cycling with my current eating pattern I am certain I would gain weight.

It is in the evenings I am at my worst over food. It is as if a different person takes over. Weight loss regime is put way back in mind and binging starts. I do mean binging. I will now try and think why I do what I do. Writing this blog forces me to explore this area. This is what I think are the reasons:

  • When I get home, I am starving. I WANT FOOD straight away. I have a reasonable breakfast, followed by one of those Tesco’s light choices sandwich for lunch.
  • I feel I deserve to binge. It is my reward for coping with the day
  • Binging relaxes me. This is then followed by a little guilt.
  • I cannot think of anything better than binging!

It has been another week I did not go to the gym. By time I leave for office, I am starving. The last thing I want to do is go the gym on my way back. I will not cancel my gym subscription for another week. My plan is to leave the office earlier, then go to the gym. I have now set aside Monday, Wednesday and Friday as gym days.

Little further good news for me is I miscounted my weight loss somewhere along the line by one pound. My total weight loss is now 13.5 lbs. I am pleased with this.

Finger crossed for half pound loss next week making a total loss of one stone. This will then give me the push to wear my normal clothes and put away my fat clothes – hopefully forever.


This week’s result – Loss 0.5lb (half a pound)

Total Weight loss to date: 13.5lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 11.5 lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 2 stones 11.5lbs

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Better lunch    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

You need something better for lunch - after one of those sarnies I'm not surprised you're starving! And when it comes to the evening why not start with a salad (literally just salad, no cheese, no coleslaw, no tub of potato salad, but with low calorie french dressing to give it a kick) and then a healthy main course. You'd not feel the need to eat as much because you'd have spent time eating the salad and then wouldn't binge.

I won't mention that I'm sitting here waiting for Herbies to deliver me a pizza. With chicken nuggets as a side. And I went for 10 nuggets because really they're for my dog and if I only got 6 by the time she'd had some there wouldn't be enough for me (or is that actually the other way round!). But I did have a lovely salad yesterday!! And I'm very envious of your weight loss because I'm failing miserably - can't imagine why.....

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Try and eat a much bigger    1 thanks

MissAccounting | | Permalink

Try and eat a much bigger lunch or even eat your main meal of the day at lunch time.  People always think they have to eay big in the evening but if you had something like chiilie and rice for lunch you wouldnt get in from the office and feel hungry.  You evening meal should be chicken/turkey/pork or fish with steam veg and no potatoes.  If you have to have potatoes then go for sweet potatoes.



Distraction    1 thanks

RussellD | | Permalink

What do you do while you binge?

My weakness is crisps - normally with red wine (dont even go there ;-) ). However, they are only a weakness when I watch TV.  If I sit in front of the TV I swear the cupboard in the kitchen starts calling my name. However, if I am busy with something else it isn't a lure at all. When I start getting a little chunky, I make myself busy and the weight mostly just falls off again.

Do you recognise an association pattern? What could you do to distract yourself?

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ShirleyM | | Permalink

I feel as though our office is turning into a gym. We have a walking machine, and have just ordered two new exercise machines. We blame going paperless for our lack of fitness, but luckily, neither of us are fat ... just very unfit! I would hate to do without my little treats, so I prefer to take more exercise rather than giving up my chocolate.

I find it helps when it is a team effort and we both drive each other on to keep on with our fitness program, so maybe getting involved in something athletic, or even a hiking club would help. FT, I know you enjoy cycling, so maybe a cycling club would be enjoyable and help you lose those pounds.

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Thank you

FirstTab | | Permalink

I really appreciate that people read my blog and also try and help. Thanks you.

Bigger lunch -  is a good point Flash and Miss Accounting, but I think I would still eat a lot RussellD the point you make about association is a good one. I binge when I am relaxing watching Simpsons and Family Guy on my SKY+ So I associate relaxing with over eating and watching TV.

The key then is link my brain to something that I cam relax with that does not involve over eating. This is a tough one. I cannot think of anything better!

Shirley I would love to have what you have in your office. My office is just too small to fit in the equipment. Having said you have given me an idea I could buy some light weights that could easily go under my desk. I will do this.



Weightwatchers used to do a    1 thanks

pipper01 | | Permalink

Weightwatchers used to do a zero point soup which was great to keep in the fridge and heat up when I got home. It took the edge off the hunger and made me think about what I was eating the rest of the night. You're doing great!


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