Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 16

My eating pattern has been varied this week. As I mentioned in my previous blog it was the week I was dumped. It just brought it home to me how my emotions affect my eating patterns.

It started off with a loss of appetite for about three days. Then I went to binging. Over the last couple of days I have stopped the binging.

I have reached a stage now where the long honeymoon period of the highs of weight loss is over. I just want to reach my target weight sooner rather than later. I just do not want to be fat. At 1lb a week it would take me 38 weeks to get to my target weight. That is 9.5 months! So I can half that time by aiming for 2lb loss a week. I will try for 2lb loss next week and see if I can set this as a new target.

I fit into my normal clothes now. Trousers fit perfectly but the shirt collar cannot be buttoned. That I think will take a few more weeks.

I am indifferent about this week’s weight loss.

Please excuse the downbeat blog. I am just not in the mood.


This week’s result – Loss 1.0lb (one pound)

Total Weight loss to date: 15lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 10lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 38 lbs

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