Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 17

This week’s loss is a big one. I wish I could say this was due to a massive effort on my part. I just lost my appetite. I missed the girl who dumped me!

During the week I had my normal breakfast. I just did not feel like having lunch and then a normal dinner. I did not binge this week.

I absolutely love cycling to work. At times I leave for the office earlier to avoid the rain and not drive to the office. I feel on top of the world after the morning ride. I have not gone to the gym for weeks. I will cancel my gym subscription tonight.

It has been a stressful week. I have so many ideas going through my head on changes to make to my practice. I really need to slow down and think things through. I need to plan a staged approach. For example quarter 1 business plan, quarter 2 marketing, quarter 3 systems etc.

Good result this week. I am not sure if this will continue. I hope it does. 


This week’s result – Loss 3.5lb (three and a half pounds)

Total Weight loss to date: 18.5lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 6.5lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 31.5lbs

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There is always a silver lining    1 thanks

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It is sad that you lost your girlfriend, but great that you lost so much weight. As you really enjoy your cycling could you perhaps go for a ride at lunchtime.

Although, the weather may restrict you. I remember a past boss going for a ride one day on his mountain bike after it rained and he came back with a muddy stripe up his front and back because the bike didn't have mudguards :)

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