Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 23

This week is the biggest weight loss I have achieved since I started with Weight Watchers. This is despite being away for the weekend and eating a lot. I think the reason for this loss is the way I am feeling about myself. I will explain (as I have mentioned before my blog is warts and all).

In addition to loneliness I mentioned in my previous blog, I think I am going through some form of midlife crisis. It has recently struck with me that I am middle aged, single (not looking for tips), no children and my income is no way near where I would like it to be. It is a mild form of depression that I think I am going through.

I have been asking myself  questions such as what is the point of it all. Why have I made the choices I made? Why did I put financial success before personal success? What is going to happen to me now?

As an African Indian arriving in the UK at the age of 16 with a poor educational background, I really had to work hard to get anywhere. This meant personal time had to be sacrificed. This I think has caught up with me now.

This morning work went well. I listened to an audio book while I was working. It is if someone is sitting in the office and reading the book aloud.

I will book an appointment with my GP. I think I should be back to my normal self soon.

Thank you to all those who responded to my previous blog and sending me PMs.



This week’s result – Lost 4lbs (four pounds)

Total Weight loss to date: 27lbs

This week’s Weight:11 stones 12lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 25lbs

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Well done my friend    1 thanks

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over half way now, excellent.

I empathise with what you say above, has many familiar sounds to it for me, I had similar feelings and thoughts three years ago and that is when I started writing poetry, to help me make sense of my thoughts and emotions - keep looking, you will find what works for you - audio books are a good idea, I am alone most of the time at work, and listening to the radio or music does keep one company.

Radio 4 is very good, as is 4 extra, you can go to the BBC radio player and find loads to listen too depending on your mood.


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