Weirdness of the webinar

Next week I am delivering a webinar and have been practising , as you can imagine . It's my first time although I do have experience of speaking in public.  I am not sure how I will adjust to having a virtual audience. How can I tell if they are asleep ?  Of course I can see who is entering and leaving but I cannot help feeling that a few are there simply to garner CPD - it is a free one after all and it is the end of the cpd accounting year. The biggest thing is that there is a lot to go wrong with a webinar - computer failure , external sounds and broadband speed issues. Fortunately we have an in-house geek , as it took a few sessions to get it right and in the process I found out that my microphone , brand new of course, was a rubbish . All  have to worry about now is whether they understand my Glaswegian accent 

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