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What I want in 2013

Like most people at the start of the New Year I want the year to be far better than the year that has gone and all the other previous years. The reality is that this feeling does not last long. I get into the grind of the day to day and end up doing the same things as all the previous years.

Why don’t I change? I think this is because change involves doing things I do not like doing to get a better result. I think now I need to change.

I hope the process of blogging will makes me change to get in life what I would like. So what is it I want to in 2013?

1)    I am human and need companionship with the right person. I have had some fun. I need something more serious. Have you been to an Indian wedding? It is the first question people ask - "Are you married now? With all that education you can't find a woman?" It is so annoying! 

2)    I want to go out more – In the past I have always made an excuse about too much work. I was just too lazy to make an effort and take a risk of making a fool of myself.

3)    I want to go on a holiday not with a group but with a gorgeous woman.

4)    Lose weight and buy new clothes – this is where I have control! This is the year I want to lose it!

I am sure you will have noted none of the above are to do with work. I had a sleepless night on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day. It really made me think. Work now will be to support me for the things I want to do. It will no longer be my only purpose in life.

Come 2014 will I still be single, fat, working 6 days a week and not been on a holiday? I may be in the same position, but one thing I do not want to say to myself is I sat on my fat ass and did nothing like all the previous years! 




Your action plan is as follows:    3 thanks

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1, Starting counting calories and restrict them to an amount low enough to lose proper weight (e.g. you need to reduce them by 1,000 per day to lose 2 pounds a week).

2, Either tell your mother no. 1 or do the cooking for her and alter it to accomodate no.1

3, On 1st February join a couple of dating websites - be honest but not brutally honest i.e. tell the truth but don't criticise yourself too much. Most people seem to think they're god's gift to whichever sex they're looking for so you'll earn brownie points for honesty!

4, As a result of no. 3 go on lots of dates - don't look at them as being potential marriage partners and just as the opportunity to have fun. Then you'll enjoy yourself more and be more relaxed. And the person you're with will also relax and have fun.

5, Because of no.4 you'll find the right woman without looking and will get your romantic one on one holiday (no innuendo intended!)

6, As soon as you've lost a decent amount of weight buy new clothes - this can happen anywhere after no. 2.

7, Be positive the entire time

8, Post the wedding photos on AWeb and remember to thank me in your wedding speech (post the video of that too so I can savour it!)

9, Name your first child Flash as a permanent reminder of how fabulous a life coach I am!!

Not 'The End' but 'The Start of the Happy Ever After' :-)

Put this motto up where you see it every day    1 thanks

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Work to live, don't live to work.



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FirstTab | | Permalink

Thanks for the response.

Flash you make me laugh. Also some helpful points.

Wedding photos on accounting web! The high brow people will have a fit! They would say this is a serious website for professionals to discuss thorny tax and accounting issues! If you want t wedding photos buy OK or Hello. I think I have got the names right.

Wedding photos    4 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

We'll be discussing tax and accounting issues - just make sure you employ Mrs FT before the wedding. Then you'll be asking for advice re the deductibility of certain costs at the wedding, sorry I mean 'works event' - that marketing event that you invited your employees and a heap of potential future clients to attend!

You'll want to know if you can claim your employee's long white dress - 'see pictures 1 through 25' says FT helpfully at this point 'You can clearly the company logo attached to the dress and she'll not be wearing it for any other event, just this one'!  Then there's the cost of catering for the event - 'we provided a lovely big cake and a nice buffet for potential clients to enjoy - see photos 26 through 49' notes FT - and the event lasted into the evening as people had lots of taxing questions to ask ('like how many kids were on the agenda' sighs FT) so you provided a band ('photos 50 to 79 but don't laugh at my dancing' says FT). And the event went well ('lots more photos to prove it') so there might be another event next year (First wedding anniversary or christening!). Don't forget when the taxman asks that you have high hopes of these prospective clients signing up before long as some have already sent gifts ('nothing significant, we shared them round the employees') which must be a good sign......

So get cracking on points 1 to 7 while I work on your wedding speech for you!

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If I can offer any advice    1 thanks

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If I can offer any advice FirstTab its to actually get out there and do it.  Talking and writing about it is great but dont get too caught up in the planning of it all or you will be posting a 2014 wish list having not done any of it in 2013!

Getting fit and healthy is the first thing I would look to do, if you feel good and look good the rest will follow suit!

FT, the parallels between    1 thanks

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FT, the parallels between your post and my life are really rather remarkable.

I truly hope everything works out as you'd like in 2013.

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