Who is more stupid - us or Osborne ?

So, Mr Osborne is *shocked* at the efforts of the rich to mitigate their tax. I am shocked at his stupidity to go on the public record in such a manner. Avoiding tax is probably the second oldest profession in the world. Until  very recently nobody has really cared too much about what is or is not *fair* - it is a new agenda and to expect the rich to suddenly empty their wallets into the coffers of HMRC overnight is somewhat naive at best and disingenuous at worst. Poor politics Mr Osborne.

Also, how much of the tax is mitigated by means of charitable giving ?  A lot more than you may think . For many wealthy people there is only so much they can spend and a lot of people get a kick out of charitable donations.

So perhaps we can have the *shock* restated after knowing how much is going back into the pockets of the rich and how much they are giving away , with tax benefits as a by-product.

We must remember that what they are doing is totally legal but we don't seem to exercise the same righteous indignation on the front pages of our hallowed newspapers against tradesmen who take cash and fail to declare it. By the way it is not legal to do that or doesn't it matter because they aren't employing an accountant to help them do it ?


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