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Why I blog

Thank you so much readers of my blog. I am surprised that you read my blog. I am even more surprised that some readers go as far as taking the time to comment . It means a lot to me to get a different perspective or someone just saying it is okay.

There are many reasons I blog. Some of these include:

- When I start writing the blog the issues in my head are not clear, by the time I finish I have more clarity as regards what is bugging me.

- Words to my shock and not numbers is where my strength lies

- I came to UK at the age of 16 at that time my English was poor. I still think my English is poor. Blogging gives me a chance to constantly challenge myself on this aspect.

- Hey I am human - it gives me a chance to show off

- I love it when people comment - it shows how others view the issues that are bugging me.

- My upbringing is from a different culture. I have never quite fitted in the UK. Blogging gives me the freedom to be myself without being concerned about acceptance.

- I am middle aged, single, short, fat and balding - it would be impossible to get an audience elsewhere!

Most important reason is it gives me a chance to get things of my chest.

Please don't stop reading my blogs. It will be lonely without you!


:)    1 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

- I am middle aged, single, short, fat and balding - it would be impossible to get an audience elsewhere!

Fab, that made me laugh!

I'm a great believer in getting thoughts out of your head for clarity. Somehow if it's written down or spoken it becomes clearer. When it's swimming around in your head it's much more complicated.

Happy Christmas and a Blogging 2013 to you FT, it's much better with your blog to read :)

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Keep blogging FT    1 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

Nobody is perfect, even those who proclaim they are :)

We all have our faults, and our virtues. You are a popular blogger, and it doesn't matter what you look like or where you were born, it is the person 'inside' that people relate to.

I hope you enjoy the festivities and get chance to relax a little.

Merry Christmas    1 thanks

lisimano | | Permalink

FT, I think one of the reasons your blog is so popular is that it talks about things that others are also thinking, they just haven't voiced.

I started my practice around the same time as you and I would say we have probably had a lot of the same ups and downs.

I hope you have good break, I leave for work Christmas lunch in an hour and that's it until January, the tax returns can wait.

Merry Christmas and have a fab New Year.

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We missed you my friend ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... we are all so glad you are back firing on all cylinders.

I think the reason you are so popular is you are not ashamed to candidly admit your weaknesses, and also are strong enough to make your own decisions even when against the consensus.

If everybody was as honest and open as you world peace would be a doddle!

Looking forward to 2013, your middle aged, average height, fat, greying and definitely thinning on the crown accountant friend - we really must get round to a drink next year. 

PS; I blog because I find more and more accountancy gets in the way of life these days rather than the converse. Actually, it is more HMRC, Companies House and deadlines that do that.

deadlines and fines    1 thanks

carnmores | | Permalink

keep dancing , oops blogging - its the final tonight high excitement

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Merry Christmas    1 thanks

Locutus | | Permalink

I wondered what had happened to your postings earlier in the year. Good to see you back.

Good luck with the practice and your blogging in 2013.

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