You can fool all of the people some of the time...

I read an article in last week's Economist about inflation in women's clothing sizes .The manufacturers get away with it because it is not a recognised measure per se  but an indication of other meaurements. To boot , the customer feels better that she can fit into what she thinks a a smaller size (or at least not gone up a size) . Just imagine if the accountancy profession could devise a similar means of measuring performance. Instant flattering of the figures that nobody notices and everybody willingly accepts because it suits them. I have a sense of deja vu


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Fooling the people

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Exactly my point - hence the deja vu mentioned

Interestingly the aforementioned Economist article also noted that some measurements for men that were stated were incorrect . I suppose that is a misdescription of some sort and the rotund punter with a 42 waist slipping into a 38" ain't gonna run to trading standards.

If it fits , you wear it. Period


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