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How many times do you painstakingly produce a report, which you then discover needs to be adapted  to add or exclude criteria such as a products, customer accounts, date ranges or general ledger accounts?

If this means you have to virtually start at the beginning again, you are not using the true potential of your Accounting and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data.

If you do not have your data linked directly to MS Excel via an ODBC link, you cannot quickly and simply produce the revised data you need in your excel based report without re-keying or restructuring the data from scratch.

Many accounting professionals are experts in their Accounting system and also expert users of MS Excel, but if you are not linking these two tools dynamically, you are undoubtedly losing a great deal of productivity and adding frustrating hours to your already overloaded day!

You will be amazed at how simply and with no investment costs (apart from a couple of hours configuring the links) the quality of the reports you can produce. From ad hoc business demands to group consolidated accounts, together with professional looking dashboard presentations.

You will never again need to laboriously produce an Excel report, keying in data which in minutes is out of date.

You can create templates to deliver data simply and easily, without the possibility of a typing error. 

Simply refreshing the data brings your report up to date (or optionally, when you re-open the file).

The information you need to present is quickly and easily available in seconds, in a format that is presentable to the board, clients and colleagues alike!

Reports to provide charts and pivot tables can be set up, easily and by using filters, change criteria to suit the nature of the report you need.

    The following dashboard was created from a dynamic ODBC link to Sage Line 50 data:

    If you would like to learn more on how this process can be achieved, I will be adding a step by step tutorial, in later posts.

    Alternatively, please feel free to contact me via my website:

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