A Mum and an Accountant

I know I'm not the first person to be a mum and an accountant nor the last. I don't want this blog to be patronizing or offensive in anyway but hopefully some mums or potential mums might be able to relate to some of these blogs. It is simply my thoughts and how I'm getting through some of the juggling acts. Also, I know that in a few years I will probably have found something I enjoy doing or some sort of work life balance and will be in a less stressed out place but until then, or as I get there, I think I will vent all my frustrations out on these blogs! And the responses I've had to the blogs have been quite nice which spurs me on to keep going.

Latest posts

On the eve of budget day, I’m swotting up on an entirely different subject. The time has come round for potty training my younger daughter. After the stress of training my older daughter, I am dreading this so much.


I want a bigger house! I suppose I'm not the only one that has that wish but the more I think about the house the more I wish it was bigger and had more rooms.


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while but keep putting it off. I love the way I can fit work into my life at the moment and working from home plays a big part in that and work is picking up.


My kitchen now has a George Forman grill, a juicer, a blender and a bread maker along with the normal gadgets you see in the kitchen of toaster, kettle and microwave. Not forgetting the electric whisk which usually gets shoved back in the cupboard once the cake mixture has been whisked.


I’ve been building up my client base and looking for more work, mainly by word of mouth and business cards but I’ve finally put it on linkedin, facebook and twitter although I’m still working on how to do those properly, but at least I’ve made a start.


My uncle had terminal cancer and unfortunately passed away recently. It was expected but it is still so incredibly sad. We always hope that we will be able to celebrate one more Christmas, one more new year’s day, one more birthday but unfortunately that was not to be.


So, yet again I hear something about how my friend is struggling at work after going back from maternity leave. She works for a University and within a couple of weeks of coming back, she was told there was going to be an internal reorganisation and she would have to reapply for her job.


There are so many ‘How to …’ manuals out there, how to be an effective parent, how to potty train your kid in 7 days, how to blog, how to vlog, how to avoid tantrums, etc… that I thought I’d do my own tongue in cheek, how to manual.


By the end of this year, I will have to choose the school that my older daughter will be going to in September 2015. Apart from the fact that I have knots in my stomach thinking about her going to school (and I’m not even sure why), it’s so much work researching into it.


I fell over! We went to a party on a farm and the car park was covered in stones and I somehow managed to fall over even though I had my trainers on. I'm generally a clumsy person so that wasn't a major shock even though it's been a while.