A Mum and an Accountant

I know I'm not the first person to be a mum and an accountant nor the last. I don't want this blog to be patronizing or offensive in anyway but hopefully some mums or potential mums might be able to relate to some of these blogs. It is simply my thoughts and how I'm getting through some of the juggling acts. Also, I know that in a few years I will probably have found something I enjoy doing or some sort of work life balance and will be in a less stressed out place but until then, or as I get there, I think I will vent all my frustrations out on these blogs! And the responses I've had to the blogs have been quite nice which spurs me on to keep going.

Latest posts

It’s my eldest daughter’s birthday in September, so I thought I’d have a small barbeque with the family. I say small, but it’s turned into at least 30 people! My husband’s family is huge. So now I’m panicking slightly about that.


Even though my kids don’t go to school yet and the summer holidays don’t really affect them, the summer holidays this year have been great! With the nieces and nephew off from school, we’ve been out and about doing things.


I went to my mum’s house for the weekend but I had a little work left to do. I didn’t want to take my laptop so I created a shortcut on my ipad and checked that it worked and thought I’d do it on that when I had a little time.


I spent Friday night in A&E with my younger daughter, taking back all the bad things that I have ever said about her, even in jest. Mainly that she is too much hard work or that I had her too soon. I love her so much.


Up until now, all I have been thinking is that I need to work because it is what I have always done and I have worked and studied hard to get to where I am (until I went on maternity leave). I think if I stop, I won’t be able to get back into work or pick up from where I left.


I get so frustrated. Every time I want to go out or do anything without the kids and which involves my husband looking after the girls, I have to make a deal.


What an amazing place.  We just got back from Walt Disney World in Florida and it was awesome!  (I say just but it’s taken me two weeks to post this!)  There were rides, parades, fireworks, boat rides, kids play area, water parks and just not enough time to do everything.  I’m already planning on


The main reason I wanted to work from home was so that I can spend more time with the girls and take a big part in looking after them.  In March, this theory was put to test as my youngest daughter caught a stomach bug and couldn’t go nursery.  So I was at home, working and looking after my daugh


Yesterday, I completely lost it with my 3 year old.


I’m back to my usual indecisive position as to whether to go self-employed or go back to work.  This time it is to do with finance.  We were going through our finances and realised we can’t keep living off my husband’s income anymore.  We need to pay off some of our loans and start saving and the