The Philip Fisher column

The world is overrun with blogs and tweets. While they serve a purpose, this column is something slightly different. You will not find out what the author had for breakfast or the colour of the socks he is wearing. You will not be pestered with tedious listings of every film, book, play etc that your correspondent has ever seen or his latest success or otherwise on the golf links.

What readers have come to expect from a writer who has been associated with AccountingWEB almost from its inception are objective but on occasion quite possibly opinionated articles about topics that might be of interest to accountants as people. The intention is to be simultaneously challenging, thought-provoking and entertaining.

Since the writer is a partner in the Human Capital team at BDO LLP these columns will frequently take on issues relating to taxation, business and government policy. For light entertainment, he is also London Editor of British Theatre Guide so there will be plenty of hints and tips about what to see and not to see.

He also regularly writes about technology for London Accountant and almost anything else under the sun for a variety of publications so there are always going to be odd surprises in store. Travel, art, books, theatre, sports and consumer issues are all likely to receive consideration in coming months - but so are taxation issues, thoughts on the latest technology and, inevitably, the activities of the Chancellor and HMRC.

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Beautiful the Carole King Musical lived up to its name in New York and will soon hit London along with the unexpected answer to this question.

For those who can’t wait until opening night in March, the answer is in the Comments below.


As the British Government seeks to cut spending to 1930 Depression levels, the United States gives a chilling glimpse of our future.

It is easy to look at the old days through rose-tinted glasses and generally, developments during our lifetimes have been a boon for us all.


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December and the annual AccountingWEB Gadget Countdown are upon us so it is time to dream about what Santa might be putting in an oversized stocking.


It might have been unconscious but this incendiary announcement was made by Jennie Granger, the Department’s Director General of Enforcement and Compliance on fireworks night.


Former FA chairman David Bernstein has really set the cat amongst the pigeons with his suggestion that England and the rest of Europe should boycott the next World Cup.


In a month when your columnist joyfully travelled to rain-soaked Greenford, while colleagues talked about working their socks off in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, New York and Kuala Lumpur, this seems like a valid question.