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Over 333,000 customers in the cloud!


The increase in the uptake by professional accounting firms of cloud based solutions has helped us reach our magic number of 33,333 customers – achieving a third of our target of 100,000 customers s by 2013.We’re getting 60-70 new customers a day – that’s customers – not users. Unlike some other online accounting providers, we report on active companies rather than users – obviously many of our active companies have more than one user. We have more than doubled our number of customers in the last two years and professional accounting firms are now increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of the cloud solution with regards to efficiency and a more dynamic customer approach – the adoption of the system by RSM Tenon is a case in point. This also has a knock on effect as accounting firms will recommend cloud solutions to their clientsThe uptake of the system by SMEs during the recession has also been a major factor: The financial downturn actually helped us as we were able to demonstrate that SME businesses did not have to invest thousands of pounds in the purchase and customisation of an ERP system when they could rent it at a very low monthly cost instead- it just makes no economic sense to make that sort of investment when you can get access to continually developing software at a low monthly rate.

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