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How can such a small thing have such a big impact?

June 24 - This is not the usual stuff, but it's good for me to think about.

You'll have noticed AccountingWEB have changed the web site (hurrah! - I like it). But that also changes the way I post this stuff. And the way I log in. And it's weird how just because it looks different I feel different about it. Someone (AccountingWEB) has done something over which I had no control, about which I was not consulted and which has impact on something I do.

And that's the point. AccountingWEB did not need to ask me. I know that. And the result is an improvement. I know that too. But it's still taking some time for me to get used to it: it's unsettling, even if quite irrationally so.

But I probably do that to people all the time, and brush of the concerns with comments such as "they'll get used to it". I consult on the big stuff, of course. You're mad not to. But what this makes me think is that the small stuff is important.

I will get used to this, of course. No problem at all. But I should, maybe, think more about this in what we do. People will be happier if I did.

Lesson learned. Thanks guys. I'm sure you didn't intend this, but it's been useful.

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