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Small Practice Blog

This blog is intended to show the highs and lows I face day-to-day working as an ambitious and highly driven small practice owner.

My blogs will be both professional and personal. What happens in my personal life affects my professional life and vice versa.

Just covering one aspect and not the other means that I will not learn how to improve and change.

My key motivation for blogging is constant and never ending improvement. Writing helps me to do this.

I hope you find my blogs of some interest.

Latest posts

Friday 22 May

It was not a good day. Most of the day was spent on dealing with IT issues. My cursor kept flickering all the time. It is was distracting to work. I took the desktop to the repair shop in our office block. They could not see any problems with it. 


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may know, I do want not to give up my practice to anyone. It is my pride and joy. I am building it from scratch. It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.


Friday 15 May

I should have taken the day off. I was exhausted and I did not get much work done. I tried to but I made too many errors.


I did not have a good start to my working week on Tuesday. My dental pain meant the day was a write off. Thankfully, my dentist came to the rescue and eased the pain. My week improved from here.


Friday 8 May 

We had a bit of fun in putting up our wall art today. Pic below. Our office is looking great now. I do not think it is to everyone taste. We love it!


What happened to April? It is done and dusted already! As you know, time is my enemy. It simply will not wait for me.

Through reading my April blogs, I realised April was an eventful month. Please allow me a little repetition to recap to try and put April in perspective.


With my employee leaving, it is important that I put in the hours and take over the day to day. It will take me time to find a replacement. I am thinking about various options.


As we were packing up and leaving our office for the day, my employee gave me the bad news. He said that he has a job offer and he is very likely to accept it! I could not help but show my disappointment. I wish I was cool about it. It was my body language that gave so much away.


Thursday 30 April

I had a look at turning our brochure into a digital book/brochure. It appears to be straightforward. I do not think I will need specialist help. I will download the trial version of flipping book software and see how it goes.


I am increadibly selfish with my time. Time as you know, I am sure, is our most valuable resource. Once that second is gone, it is gone. We can never get it back.