Sole Practitioner's blog

This blog is intended to reflect the highs and lows that I face day to day working as a sole practitioner.

I tend to blog regularly. I don't know why, but there is a strong need in me to blog my every day experience. I have no idea how long this will last.

All I can say is It helps me to put my thoughts, feelings and views on a blog. When writing I am not too concerned about spelling, grammar or even how I come across. I feel that if I worry about these areas, the subject matter I want to put across will not reflect how I am thinking and feeling at the time.

My blogs reflect the type of person I am. That is the nature of blogging. It is meant to reflect views and thoughts of the blogger.

I will not be to everyone's tastes. Thankfully AW has a good variety of bloggers. This means there are more than likely to be blogs more in keeping with your taste.

I am humbled by the fact that my blog is actually read! Not only this but some readers go as far as commenting.

Thank you for reading my blogs and commenting. I really do appreciate it.

Latest posts

Perhaps I should consider a move on from accountancy and tax. I don't live it, like many lovely people here do.


A few months ago whist driving to a supermarket and approaching a roundabout I noticed what I thought was increadibly effective advertising.


I am on the tube on my way back to the office after a Xero seminar in London. Typing on my mobile device and reflecting on what is it that I love about my current position.

Financially I am far worse off compared to my well above average salary at the time I left employment.


One of the key piece of information potential clients want to know is what the fees would be. 

So far I have not put fees on my website for illogical reasons:

1) Do not want to give this information away to competitors - it is easy to find this out


On reflection I am back to blogging. I decided to take a break earlier in the hope of calming things. I no longer see any reason to do this.

I am absolutely determined not to be put off by a very small dominant minority on AW. 


It annoys me that I had to come out of my blogging holiday and blog today. There is an imposter Anon100 who is posing as me! Not only this he has really really annoyed a few people. This is not good. How dare he/she do this!


After a highly productive meeting with my Business Coach, this is my last post (I hope and so do many readers) till the end of this year. His feedback was as follows:


I am sure you know what I mean when I say work is okay but it is not going brilliantly.

The problem for me is time. I have conflicting priorities between working in the business, working on the business and working in/on my personal matters.


I took a flight from Edinburgh today and I am back in London. I left my Clients4life book on the plane! I had highlighted some key aspects I needed to reflect on. I will order another copy today.


I am on the train to Edinburgh and after nearly three years on my bookshelf I have started to read Clients4Life by Mark Lloydbottom and David W Cottle.