Monthly Newsletters - Appears to be working

I have been sending out monthly newsletters to clients and potentail clients for about a year and half now. The number of subsribers I have is about 130. It is difficult to build up a list of people who agree to you sending them your newsletters.

I was in two minds about sending newsletters. My open rate is only 30%. However, they are a number of people who open my newsletters several times over a period of a week from the date of receving my newsletter.

Don't get me wrong I do not write these newsletters. I have subcontracted this function.

Today I meet a potential client who I had meet before several months ago. I did not hear from him since our meeting.  I thought he was not interested. My monthly newsletters to him continued. I can conclude from our meeting, my monthly newsletter kept my practice fresh on his mind. So when he needed an accountant, I was the first one on his mind.

The potential client is now a client. Fee level is £1,200+VAT pa.  Monthly cost of sending newsletters £35+VAT. Investment in newsletters - big thumps up!

My conclusion is send out newsletters. The benefits are long term. Do not expect a quick return on your hard earned investment.




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