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Why do I eat so much over the weekends?

This is yet another weekend where I have eaten too much. Why do I do this? I know what I am doing why don’t I stop myself making myself another piece of toast? I don’t know why, I will try and explore this.

I think this is because I associate weekends with relaxation. To me relaxation means setting myself free to do whatever I want. I have been feeling exhausted today since it was a tough week. Aside from combining 10mins naps with domestic chores, I have been eating a lot.

Does eating really relax me? It gives the immediate pleasure sensation that I find relaxing. This is followed by little guilt of letting myself down.

Do I feel hungry before I eat? Yes I do, but I do not think it is real hunger. It is hunger that arises to make me relax by eating. What if I ignored this type of hunger? I would be thinking about eating all the time. What if I carried on ignoring the hunger? I will miss out on the immediate pleasure for a massive long term pleasure.

So why am I not ignoring weekend hunger? Bottom line – I do not want to give up immediate pleasure of food and do not want to keep thinking about food.

What have I learnt from this blog posting? – ignore the short terms pains and give up short term pleasure of eating to satisfy “imagined” hunger to feel better about myself for the future.

This self-analysis has really helped.

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I agree that eating helps to relax, of course we should conrol ourselves, but in my opinion it's better to eat than smoke for example)



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