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Louise Ross lives and breathes management accounting, as she is both a CIMA member and employed as a technical specialist by CIMA.  She sincerely believes management accounting to be 'the interesting bit' of accounting.  Granted, her experience of other areas is limited to a few years in the lower reaches of public sector audit - two decades ago!

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This month is the 25th anniversary of The Economist’s Big Mac index of purchasing power.  Formal Purchasing Power Parity indices measure the cost of a basket of goods, but The Economist’s theory was that a single product, the ubiquitous Big Mac might give equally informative res


Like many people in England I’ve passed burnt out shops on my way to work this week, with ash still floating gently in the air, and broken glass crunching beneath my feet.  Despite seeing the damage at first hand in my South London neighbourhood and watching the television coverage of the disturb


Many of us get lots of requests to complete surveys (particularly if you're in a targetted group like FDs of FTSE 350 or FTSE 100 companies).  One CIMA member in such a role told me he gets dozens of requests a month, from schoolkids to PhD students.  Many of these surveys are worthwhile, and if


Have you seen the coverage about the inflated prices the UK government pays for IT equipment and services? This week saw the publication of a select committee report “Government and IT –


I love a bit of serendipity. This morning while looking for something else entirely, I came across a HBR article on re-branding yourself (March 2011) which amongst other strategies advised using social media to reintroduce yourself to your existing contacts. This triggered a frisson of guilt when


Being an accountant is something to be proud of - not in an egotistical "I passed all those exams" kind of way, but knowing that you make a genuine contribution to the success of your organisation is very satisfying.  This could apply to anyone – remember that


IFAC (the global body for the accounting profession) recently posted the shortlisted entrants for the 2009 articles of merit competition - an X Factor for writers on accountancy - and (yay) I'm on the list at an ominous


Did you know there are two and a half million accountants in the world? Which is about the population of Latvia, apparently. And one million of those accountants are management accountants? This according to IFAC