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Two screens - on the move......

For those used to working with two (or more) screens in the office, when out on the road with just a laptop there can be real difficulties in trying to work with just one screen. Trying to demonstrate or share a screen with a client or customer is also difficult. The arrival of these 15.4" screens from the USA solves this problem. Weighing just 4lbs in weight, and just around 1" thick, these screens simply plug into a USB socket on the computer. Complete with a numeric keypad for heavy duty use of Excel etc, or rotate the screen and stand it up, in either portrait or landscape mode......

This can be carried around in a laptop bag as I did this week to two conferences in London....

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Good item

philhendy | | Permalink

 they do look quite clever. do you know if they plug in to any of the tablets that are about now, either android or windows as that could be very useful.

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As long as the Windows version supports dual monitors it will work..... will also work on a Mac..... but not Android....

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