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2009 gadet countdowns have started!

That stalwart of all things gadget, Stuff magazine, has just held its 2009 awards ceremony. Some predictable winners, and a few surprises too.

No surprise that the Apple iPhone won readers' gadet of the year and phone of the year, and the iPod Touch was portable media player of the year. I was pleased to see my favourite of 2009 - www.spotify.com - voted best audio product.

However, I hadn't expected to see the HTC Hero, a Google Android OS-powered smartphone, come out as overall gadget of the year. It looks good, but is it better than the iPhone? We're going to take a closer look and let you know.

Among the winners and nominations, I reckon "Object of desire 2009", here rather demurely called simply 'TV/AV product of the year', has to be the SamsungUE46B800 46" LED television/monitor, a snip at £2,000! Now if I had one of those on my desk I'd only need one monitor!!

The full list of winners and runners up is at http://awards.stuff.tv/winners/2009

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