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Nine weeks to go... Christmas. That's the message from the CEO of a client of mine who perpetually counts down the weeks and reminds his staff of the 'sense of urgency' needed to meet deadlines.

With a March year-end he is aware of the need to agree new sales by the end of the calendar year so that the projects can be commenced, completed and invoiced by the financial year end when the accountant's will tell him how he has done.

He know's exactly how he has done in sales revenue terms by the end of the calendar year each year and assuming the costs don't increase significantly he has a good idea about the net profit position then too.

So what does he want from his advisers? "A pro-active approach to financial, business and tax advice so that I can start to think further into the future, plan more effectively and create efficiencies that I cannot achieve at this moment in time." His words, not mine.

It's been said before many times, clients want a lot of things but 'pro-activity' probably heads the list.

It's too early to mention Christmas in an email or blog but you try telling that to the CEO of my client!


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