If hearts break - the boss gets sued!

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UK employers without a formal office romance policy could be risking costly tribunal claims and are advised to issue a code of conduct explaining acceptable standards of behaviour, according to HR human resources information provider, Croner.

Whilst the course of office love is running smoothly, employers may think they don't need a so-called "love contract", but it's when relationships break up that the problems start, including a risk of sexual harassment or

discrimination claims. This risk is especially acute for

manager/subordinate relationships.

Research shows that most businesses have unofficial views on office affairs, yet only 20% have formal policies in place. Employers should have cause for alarm; a survey of workers at a major UK bank found 71% admitted to having a romance with fel...

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By NeilW
14th Feb 2005 13:49

The world has officially gone mad.
Roll on retirement.


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