Small firm wins Supreme Court pension decision

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A small business supplying street lighting equipment has won a tax case about a pension scheme in the Supreme Court.

The decision in favour of Forde and McHugh Limited, which is based in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, could act as a precedent for how other company contributions to pension schemes are treated because similar cases have also been appealed.

Accounting firm Charterhouse advised Forde in setting up a pension scheme for the benefit of the director in 2002. 

The scheme - known as a funded unapproved retirement benefit scheme (FURBS) - is widely used for business owners to make provision for their retirement, Charterhouse said...

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Supreme Court Pension Decision for small firms

It is good decision for companys  pension contribution  scheme. Average small firms don't have that size of pension scheme.and they are generally small. I don't thonk make any difference to  them.But it is a good decision benefiting  small firms.

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Excellent news for small business owners who can afford to put a little away towards their own retirement- too many of whom currently don't!

One less burdensome tax to worry about.

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Whats the difference between this and

a) Just putting it in as an employers contribution  with a big pension co

b) Just putting it in a Sipp



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Supreme court decision for smal firmsl

This is a very good decision .  Small firms should take advantage of this so that they can plan well for their retirement. 

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I assume that this case is of little relevance to pensions and much more to do with the issue of disguised remuneration, and HMRC's ultimate goal of obtaining the PAYE/NIC on EBT/EFURB contributions/EBT loans, pre sch2 FA2011. Very different in context to the Rangers FC case but nonetheless another unhelpful decision for the Revenue. 

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