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To accompany AccountingWEB’s Financial Reporting channel, associate editor Jennifer Adams has compiled this collection of guidance documents relating to company law.

Companies may be inanimate objects but they still have a life comparable with that of a human. They are born (incorporation) and die when they are struck off or liquidated. Sometimes they marry (merge) and have children (divisions of shares). But through all these phases of their lives companies are subject to specific legal rules and conditions.

Over the past couple of years AccountingWEB has published articles covering events that happen over the life of a company. Many of these guides stemmed from questions asked and comments posted on our Any Answers page. This Company law library brings all of those guides together in one place for easy reference. Many of the articles include practical checklists covering points that may not be found in legal textbooks.

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What a wonderful, succinct resource.  Thank you Jennifer.

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Thank you for taking the time and trouble to pull it altogether.


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Thank you, Jennifer Adams

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Fantastic Article!

Very good idea, small businesses need info like this

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Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. It is invaluable.

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