When expletives get expensive

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Russell Brown, a Solicitor specialising in employment law at Manchester law firm Glaisyers highlights some of the issues employers should consider when managing and disciplining their workforce.

Whilst aggressive leadership is a widely accepted route to managerial success in certain working environments, it is often judged unacceptable by employment tribunals.

The recent sacking of St Helens Rugby League coach Ian Millward, for a string of allegations including the use of abusive language towards a fellow employee has raised questions about the role of the employer in upholding discipline and protecting employee welfare.

Any employer or manager who relies upon a heavy handed leadership style is now more likely than ever to find him/herself facing a claim of unfair dismissal from an inc...

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By Anonymous
26th May 2005 12:39

abuse is wrong
i say 80110ck5 to all abuse..
LEt the staff get their work done.

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