Typical fraudsters are trusted managers, says research

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The typical company fraudster is a trusted male executive who will get away with their underhand dealings for up to five years, research from KPMG Forensic has found. Matt Henkes reports.

The study said that the fraudster will usually commit up to 20 fraudulent acts in this period.

After looking at 360 real fraud cases, KPMG found that the pattern is similar across all regions. The typical fraudster is aged between 36 and 55, it said. "By the time he starts enriching himself by illegal means, he has usually been employed by the company for six or more years."

The fraudster often worked in the finance department and committed their crimes single handed, it added. In 86% of cases, the perpetrator was employed at management level, while two thirds were senior managers.

"Greed and opportuni...

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