2012 | AccountingWEB


Tax often has the misfortune of being labelled a boring subject by the general public, but it has been one of this year’s hot topics, making headlines and capturing the nation’s attention.


Another year older and deeper in debt? Have a break from New Year stress and spend a few minutes with us looking back at the past year on AccountingWEB.


Sometimes soundbites can revive memories in a way that more reasoned explanations cannot. Here's our selection of some of the comments that caught our ear during the past year.


Alex Miller looks back at a traumatic year in the world of football and wonders what British clubs will learn from the financial dramas.


This year’s Business Cloud Summit in November was an eye-opening experience for a practising software sceptic.


Jennifer Adams looks back at the administrative issues that caused the most grief in 2011 and sets the scene for the year ahead.


First off, let me wish you a Happy New Year – and add that if I knew exactly what’s in store for 2012, I would hurry down to the stock market right now!