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When I prepared directors' annual salaries in Absolute Payroll for 2012/13 I found the software could not calculate the National Insurance correctly.


I wanted to gauge people's opinions or knowledge of accounts production software and the licencing terms.


After an initial period and a good 6 months or so with Absolute Accounting I have suddenly hit a big issue.


The accounts software which I use, Absolute Accounts, has a few issues with layout problems. One in particular has meant the layout of my accounts looks poor.


I'm part time in practice with only about 10 corporate clients, all small. Prompted by upcoming iXBRL requirements I'm tempted to invest in Absolute accounts, practice manager and CTax.


Absolute (effectively re-branded Forbes), did a big marketing campaign a few months ago.  The offer seemed appealing, very competitively priced compared with other integrated accounts, tax and comp


We run a small ish accountancy firm.  Around 400 accounts client, and 600 personal tax clients.

We use Iris.


Sage's Simon Taylor explores what practices should be doing to prepare for iXBRL.