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My ACCA fees have gone up by a combined rate of 7.4% over the last 2 years. This is what they've been charging me:

Membership : 2014 - £205, 2015 - £211, 2016 - £221


What do ACCA members think about Early Day Motion 626?

I wonder how the Executive will respond to having their dirty linen held up to public scrutiny?


Dissident ACCA members have had their proposed reforms shot down in an ACCA vote. The results were announced at the AGM at lunchtime today.


I would like to know if I can get my employer to pay for my ACCA Kaplan tuition course (2 Papers)?


Any ACCA members looked at the online AGM pack?

The Special Business Resolutions are superb. Lets all make sure we vote!


“It’s not what I gained, it’s what I didn’t have to do,” says Paul ScholesThe experi


UK tax freedom day will fall two days later this year, meaning Britons will work longer on average before they finish paying their tax dues and start earning income for themselves.


Hi all

I graduated in 2004 and joined JPMorgan as a technology graduate.


It’s Budget week and the news headlines this Monday morning feature a major review of business rates, a ‘no gimmicks’ promise from the Chancellor and the ACCA seeking a new FD.