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Every accountant in the UK will need to be implementing the changes that FRS 102 brings into force in January, 2016.

Hi there, 

I am a very new self-employed. 


Former CFO at the company behind the X Factor and Take Me Out, FreemantleMedia Group (FMG), has been jailed for three years and four months for defrauding the company out of £224,000.

Professional Services organisations need the right tools to get full visibility of their finances.

My monthly copy of the ACCA's rag dropped on to my desk this week and as usual I eagerly ripped open the packaging and feasted my eyes upon the content.


In his latest video blog ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli give his top 5 tips for start up practices.


The old questions "are you managing your business or is your business managing you?" and "fail to plan, plan to fail" are annoyingly true- annoying because they are business clichés and doubly anno