Accountants working in smaller firms are happier in their day-to-day working life, according to a new report by CA



Good day to you all! 

Just a quick question. I'm in the process of arranging an event for some accountant types in November. 


Beats Electronics is reportedly seeking to exit its partnership with HTC by buying out the mobile phone company's 25 per cent stake in the business.

We are all aware of the perception in some quarters of accountants as ’faceless’ number crunchers, but it's always been a perception I've felt uncomfortable with.

Please someone share the sample letter from accountant to bank for a new company to open a new business account. Thanks


When a client has got wind of a tax scheme that they have been told is perfectly legal, has the blessing of tax counsel and that the promoters have never lost a case in court, what do you say to ad


Just an interesting analogy and observation that I will throw out

I have done a lot of work in US, India and obviously UK. 


When one of our current clients, a leading developer and manager of student accommodation, started to look for an alternate outsourcing partner to the one they had in 2010, they had innumerable acc

Typically accountancy practices spend 70% of their time on low-value compliance functions.