Love it or hate it, technology is permanently changing, and accountants are now expected to keep abreast of these fluctuations in order to keep clients happy.


An Irish accountant received an 18-month jail sentence, with the final 12 months suspended, for charges including fraudulent evasion of tax and failing to lodge VAT returns.

I repeat the Daily Mail’s headline which is absolutely accurate.

Selling a business is a bit like selling a house – to get the best value and get a quick sale, you have to make it look nice on both the inside and outside to maximise your chances of success, says

We've undertaken a survey over recent months and asked accountants "Do you feel undervalued by clients ?" .


This might seem like an odd question to ask and you may not be interested at all but let me ask you the same thing in a different way.


Traditionally us beancounters have been most reluctant to try and sell a 3rd party service to our clients .Most unprofessional , tut tut tut etc .


I had an epiphany last week. I was dashing to the car during a torrential downpour, when my cat Eric, ran out from under a parked car. Then it struck me - umbrellas for cats!