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Can someone advise me on this please.



Is it possible to use the opening balances from financial statements, and I ask this due to not having a trial balance to work from?


As a small business owner, I recall setting up my own practice blog full of enthusiasm and good intentions, only to be abandoned after a few posts.

The traditional rules of social media marketing do not apply to accountants in practice.


You know you've been working from home too long when you start talking to the cat...and you start doing his answers in your head in a funny voice...and he's tellling you that you're an idiot.


A tax expert recently told me that the falling rate of corporation tax and new tax rules for limited liability partnerships means that accounting firms could lower their tax costs by switching from


Client took redundancy from university employer in June 2011, started drawing Teachers pension three months later, then was re-hired part-time by same employer two days later.


I purchased an imac and the software I was using is window based and isn't compatible with a mac.  But I am aware that I would have to put windows on it as well as parallel software to get the Acco


I have a client with a significant Furnished Holiday Letting property portfolio made up of a mixture of their own properties and significantly more than 50 properties and growing which they manage


A new client is setting up a company and wishing to become an employee straight away and buy a van (he is a builder).