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I have a client with a significant Furnished Holiday Letting property portfolio made up of a mixture of their own properties and significantly more than 50 properties and growing which they manage


A new client is setting up a company and wishing to become an employee straight away and buy a van (he is a builder).  


Hi , I wanted to know if you have a client selling there limited company shares and assets to another client , what will the journal entries be for both and the tax implications such capital gains


  Hi - I have a client with a limited company operating from premises which he owns personally. The company has just replaced the boiler and radiators in the premises.


A small owner managed limited company is going to appoint a second director and the plan is to have both directors equal 50% shareholders.


A Professor has just moved Universities for a better salary. About a 15% rise.


A commercial property is owned 50% by a company, 40% by its pension scheme and 5% each by two individuals.  HMRC say that AIA's are given per business so is the £250K maximum allowance given to the


I will be grateful for some input on this as I don’t handle a payroll, hence the RTI. I have a new self-employed client starting up in the construction industry.


"Resurrection" of "Inland Revenue", courtesy of  FRC !