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In last weeks’ post I spoke about how businesses were waiting on tenterhooks to see what the 2012-2

Hi all,

my brother is starting up a recruitment company in Dubai and has asked me what my recommendations for accounting software I have.


Why read a survey when the suppliers can tell you what it says?

Following Wolters Kluwer’s acquisition of Cloud accounting supplier Twinfield las

Cloud business provider Brightpearl has added support for eBay and Magento to giveusers a single view of customers, orders and inventory across


Does anyone have any sensible suggestions;


ShelterBox accountant Rob Evans tells Robert Lovell how a new stock and financials system is helping the fast-


I have a client who is interested in switching from Sage Line 50 to Moneyworks later this year. He uses Daylite Contact Management who have developed an interface to link with Moneyworks.



Does anyone know of any good, simple/basic accounting software which a start up business can use to record their receipts and payments before sending them to an accountant?


There are many reasons why businesses decide not to install special accounting software.  These include perceived costs, worries about complexity, and the gut feeling that piling receipts into a sh