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The accounting for fixed assets is, in many cases, a straightforward exercise, but it isn’t always so when it comes to the issue of intangible fixed assets and rec


The first two articles in this series considered the reports required to be prepared by the governors’ and the detailed financial statements, explains Steve Collings.

The Accounting Council of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has held two meetings in the month of July relating to the new Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of

Steve Collings reports on a new compromise emerging on controversial proposals to amend the international standard governing lease accounting.

Many companies receive grants for all sorts of different things, for example when a company wants to expand and set up in a deprived area, the company may receive a grant from the government to


Steve Collings tackles one of the topics that causes the most trouble for practitioners: when and how to measure and recognise goodwill in a client’s financial statements.


The way audits are conducted by firms of professional auditors has become more regulated over the years, with the overarching objective of this regulation being to ensure that audits are conduc


I am a trainee accountant and I have a course assignment to assess whether an accountant’s duty of care has been breached.


2012 will hopefully see a breakthrough in the progress towards changing UK GAAP.  Although many practitioners are not in favour of the change, the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) is working ha