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Which documents do you provide to clients?


I produce financial statements in Excel, which is great for referring to other cells (e.g. the year end date is simply a cell on a "Standing data" sheet).


Do CIOs need a Statement of Trustee Responsibilities in their accounts like a charitable company has?


As a small sole practitioner ( < 150 clients ) -  I was getting a little frustrated by having my accounts and tax software desktop based... and with several different providers.


I've been thumbing through an old companies accounts and am trying to wrap my head around my accountant's calculations for fixed asset depreciation.


Sadly Jerome Haas has recently passed away:

I read on here recently that there is an HMRC online filing service for small Ltd Co businesses, but I cannot find the link anywhere. Does anyone have a link.


BVI incorporated company, invests in different Limited Companies in UK, has no physical presence in UK (in terms of establishment), does not file accounts at Companies House.



You have got to laugh when you see firms fees based on how much it costs to post a clients records!!! OMG LOL at 3am!!! Perhaps it will make sense to me later on!