A couple of issues I have never managed to resolve when using HMRC's Joint Online filing software - I wonder if anyone knows any solutions?!



I have a limited company client that has invested £250,000 in an investment bond. Each year they take the 5% tax free income amount that is allowed under legislation.


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I am in the process of evaluating with a view to purchasing Limited Company year end accounts and CT production software.

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Client has got a shop. He takes card payments, but due to a change of policy at the merchant account at the bank decided to freeze and hold back some monnies as a security.



Can anyone help with sample accounts for a small Company Limited by Guarantee?


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I was wondering if anyone thought a discussion group for freebies would interest anyone.


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I am a qualified accountant(member of ACCA) and working for an accounting practice. I prepare accounts and tax return for small business clients as an employee.


Having now got the software to do joint ixbrl filing of Limited Company Accounts to HMRC and Companies House, I am unsure how to get started with the correct ID to use for Companies House.