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I was wondering if anyone thought a discussion group for freebies would interest anyone.


Dear All,

I am a qualified accountant(member of ACCA) and working for an accounting practice. I prepare accounts and tax return for small business clients as an employee.


Having now got the software to do joint ixbrl filing of Limited Company Accounts to HMRC and Companies House, I am unsure how to get started with the correct ID to use for Companies House.


Generally these are businesses that prepare their own accounts.


We have been approached by a client who is an associate dentist and they have been recommended by a colleague that they should set a up a partnership to help save taxes.


Hi i am wondering if someone can help,

to regsiter with a certain company we need to prove we are a non profit company how do i do that?


I hope that someone will reply to my question as I am novice and would like to understand what are included financial statements, ie Balance sheet here. Sorry, if it is absurde.  Here goes...


The abbreviated accounts are easy to describe. I have always called the "unabbreviated accounts" statutory accounts.


I am preparing accounts for a Community Interest Company (CIC) using VT Software. Is there any difference from normal LTD accounts or are both the same? How about the text of the FRSSE?