I am preparing accounts for a Community Interest Company (CIC) using VT Software. Is there any difference from normal LTD accounts or are both the same? How about the text of the FRSSE?


Hope someone can help with our pre-trading expenditure stuff.



Your FICO score isn't a mysterious number drawn out of hat. Rather your FICO score is an exact algorithm based on your credit.

An accountant who submitted corporation tax returns and accounts for a former client without their permission has been fined £10,000 by the ICAEW and severely reprimanded.


Each company, regardless of the industry or size, deals with problems everyday - each problem as unique as problems can get.

I set up two companies in sage. When I used to open sage, it asks which company i wanted to open. But recently I am not getting option rather it opens only one company.


I have to remove a building from a new client's accounts as it is not a company asset (checked with land registry over ownership and with prev a/c).  It has been depreciated and there since (a slop



I have a question regarding whether a client should resubmit or simply restate their accounts. Please bear with me as it’s a long narrative.


I have recently taken on a small car repair garage as a client. It is a Ltd company run by husband and wife directors  It had been a partnership and incorporated a few years ago.