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Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Planning CEO Rob Hull recently visited the UK to meet the online application’s growing user base in this country.

The use of spreadsheets for building systems to plan, budget and report have clear limitations, reports Rod Newing.


Two Software Satisfaction Award winners have formed an alliance to bring business intelligence capabilities to the 6,600-strong NetSuite user community. John Stokdyk reports.

As more analysts push business intelligence (BI) and dissatisfaction with spreadsheets grows, William

Software Satisfaction Awards 2008The suspense is over, and 20 companies are celebrating their successes i


Where most software companies are content to publish whitepapers telling customers and prospects how to survive in the downturn, online software provider Adaptive Planning has launched a recession-

Adaptive Planning, the hosted online budgeting and planning system, has gone a step further this month by adding collaboration tools and "Web 2.0" interactive communities to its financial planning