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Added value

Before we get into the ‘classic mistake’ let me start by asking you a related question, says Mark Lee.


You wouldn’t play football in the fog if you couldn’t see the goal, says Stuart Sheldrick, a director and shareholder of Chelmsford-based accounting firm

The gap between the successful and less successful UK accounting practices will get much wider in 2014, says Steve Pipe.


Value-added services are now just part and parcel of an accountant’s day-to-day business with a client, according to practitioners.


John Stokdyk collects insights and advice for firms that want to offer higher value business advisory value work.

Many accountants talk about providing “added value” to their clients. Mark Lee unravels the confusion over what this phrase means.

What do clients want?


I see post after post, and organisation after organisation, promoting 'added value' and referring to business/tax consultancy, rather than 'services'.


Business author Robert Craven says this: “If you are not delighted and ecstatically happy with your accountant, and you don’t think your accountant is helping you to get more customers, get more sa