1. You don't know what a 64-8 is.

2. You've never made a principal private residence election

3. You prepare tax returns, instead of offering a tax service


I repeat the Daily Mail’s headline which is absolutely accurate.

As I didn’t dare hope, the Treasury continue down the pension reform fairway.


Here's why I'm promoting our Monkey League!

We've put together some comments on the budget pension changes which you can cut and paste into your client newsletters or simply use to help your practice.

The short answer is “no” but be aware as your clients will probably ask you for your view!



While all the noise is about the risks of employers not fulfilling their duties to set up and establish the processes to make “auto-enrolment” happen, the point of auto-enrolment, which is of cours


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I was wondering on how we all feel about giving *advice* to friends and family.