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Hi there. I am a sole trader since 2010/11.
I claimed 100% AIA on an item in the first year for £180 which I have just sold in this tax year for £200.


Major events and tax deadlines are fast approaching in the lead up to the holiday season.


25 November 2015

Client is a self-employed private hire driver (slightly less than a taxi), owner driver, bought a Mercedes for 28k, 158G/KM, expected to use 5 years.


The annual investment allowance (AIA) is a sensible tax incentive that manages to combine a measure of tax simplification with real cash flow advantages.

The government’s convoluted stance on the annual investment allowance means that it is able to win favourable headlines for helping businesses with tax relief on capital expenditures up to £200,000

I initially thought car, until my client told me the vehicle is specifically used to tow a hoist lift into London for work.  He used to use a Van, but found it difficult to use with the hoist lift


My client, a company, spent heavily on plant and machinery in calendar year 2013 giving rise to a substantial loss after claiming maximum AIA.


My client is a sole trader who has recently become a limited company. He has gifted his assets (tools &equipment) totalling £1900 to the company. How should I account for theses gifted assets?