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In the final part of our BDO alternative dispute resolution (ADR) series, tax director Dawn Register and Manchester


After 10 weeks of following HMRC and clients Mr and Mrs Spencer-Smith through their tax dispute mediation day, we've finally reached our series finale: signing the settlement agreement. 

As part of AccountingWEB and BDO’s video mini-series on alternative dispute resolution (ADR), this article looks at the bargaining phase of mediatio

It’s crunch time, according to the title of the latest episode in our five-part BDO alternative dispute resolution (ADR) video mini-series.

As we’ve seen in the latest episode of BDO’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mini-series, mediation day can be tough on both the client and HMRC.

In the last episode, Mr and Mrs Spencer-Smith met face-to-face for the first time with HMRC and mediator Anstey Thomas, to begin their alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mediation da


The latest article in our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) series with accountancy firm BDO deals with two important elements of the mediation process: what me


In this week's episode of BDO's five-part video mini-series on alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we re-visit clients Mr and Mrs Spencer-Smith as they enter into the opening phase of the med


With Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) becoming 'business as usual' for HMRC, BDO brings you a fly-on-the-wall documentary style video dramatisation of the process in five parts over the com