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In spite of encouraging economic signals, banks remain cautious on business lending.

More than two thirds of survey respondents so far say they are familiar with the concept of asset based lending (ABL).

Alternative finance platform MarketInvoice has partnered up with Xero, promising to give users access to finance for ind


The government will introduce new legislation forcing high street banks to refer rejected small businesses to alternative finance providers and a new wave of chall


A website that allows small to medium sized businesses to compare accounts and products of over 70 UK banks has recently been launched. 

According to turnaround expert Mike Smith from Jamieson Smith & Co the alternative finance market has stepped in to fill gaps left by banks.


Banks could be forced to direct rejected loan applicants to alternative finance providers, the government has announced


A flurry of activity in the alternative finance world saw the emergence of a new portal, alternativebus

Accountants understand the benefits of using invoice finance, but they are not recommending the option to clients, according to a recent survey.


The most stable and well-run businesses can have unanticipated cash needs, whether to fix equipment, buy stock, or from landing a large deal.