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Most small and medium-sized enterprises are interested in using alternative finance to raise money but the fast-growing market will only fulfill its potential if accountants understand it bette

Given the technology led disruption seen in industries such as music, retail, and travel, it’s maybe not surprising that financial services is experiencing the same tumult, with old established

Alternative finance in the UK is set to continue its rapid growth by offering small business an alternative to bank lending, one of the City's best known fund managers said.


Funders on a website offering small and medium-sized businesses an alternative source of finance to banks has collectively lent £2.7bn since it started last year.


We all know that without sufficient working capital, small businesses can struggle to sustain and fuel growth and therefore more needs to be done to improve access

Have you had any clients use fundraising website Kickstarter to get a business off the ground? Or have you used it for your own business project?


Sage and peer-to-peer business lender MarketInvoice have launched a new partnership to help small-and-medium-sized businesses receive finance with “just a few clic

Robert Lovell provides a round-up of developments throughout 2014 in the alternative finance market.


In spite of encouraging economic signals, banks remain cautious on business lending.


More than two thirds of survey respondents so far say they are familiar with the concept of asset based lending (ABL).