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The way small and medium sized business owners go about securing business funding is changing, and will continue to change at a rapid pace as more and more new entrants enter the specialist product

In the aftermath, and aftershocks, of IDSgate, some of details of the Budget have been lost or overlooked by the press.

Storm clouds are gathering and the traditional high street lenders are battening down their hatches, but there is some light in the alternative funding field.

The fallout from Crowdcube/Rebus debacle continues.  The high profile nature of the failure, and the relatively large amount

The question of improving access to finance has challenged policymakers for many years.


In its various forms crowdfunding is now a US$34bn global industry, with portal sites like Crowdcube and Kickstarter providing an alternative means of funding for innovators and start-ups to de

The bank referral legislation, which will soon take a giant leap forward when the alternative funding portals receive designation, has shone a light on the importance of signposting small busin


Late payment is an ever-growing problem for UK SMEs, and as a rough rule of thumb, a company will start to feel the strain if it is owed significantly more than 13% of turnover. 


Darren Westlake, chief executive and co-founder of Crowdcube, tells AccountingWEB what the greatest barriers to crowdfunding are and how accountants can help their business clients.


With an agenda to expand, leading CFOs are taking very different approaches to achieve growth