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The European Commission has said it will investigate Luxembourg's controversial tax deal with Amazon.


Last week that venerable old institution now known as Royal Mail plc told us how it was fretting over the threat from everybody's favourite but most maligned online retailer, Amazon.


The OECD is worried about tax tourism. The USA is worried about tax tourism.



I am struggling to find a concrete answer to this after weeks of searching, so i would love for someone to post a correct and concrete answer.


Round here we're been treated to the spectacle of shiny orange bikes under the control of riders in smart new ornage-ish uniforms.  They wobble their way through the streets heavily laden with item


If you just can't get enough of the tax avoidance debate, tune into Parliament TV this Thursday when the heads of tax at


Accountant MP Nick Gibb laid into Amazon this week in the House of Commons as MPs debated 


Executives from some of the world's best-known companies struggled to defend their companies’ elaborate tax arrangements when grilled by MPs about alleged tax avoidance this week.


I own a partnership with 2 other partners, so it's a 3 men partnership.

We trade items on amazon and only on amazon, we don't trade anywhere else because amazon sales are enough for us.


I have had the most frustrating hour trying to reconcile my Amazon account with my stock control program . It seems that Amazon have not got 31st March but instead have got the 25th in twice.